Using Pilates as a Bridge to Better Movement

This course will demonstrate how integrating Pilates into your personal movement practice or your teaching can change mobility, strength and resiliency. The body is more balanced, more prepared for what is to come as a class builds in intensity, and ultimately this translates into feeling better in our bodies off the mat.

What you will gain:

  • templates for class design: beginner through to creating targeted sequences for advanced students
  • the ability to identify common areas of movement instability and tools to address them
  • an understanding of how to build progressive and creative sequences
  • the skills to seamlessly integrate Pilates into yoga classes (with intention)
  • an understanding of how and why props (resistance bands, weights, stability balls) can be integrated into your classes

This training is for:

  • movement teachers who want to expand their repertoire
  • *movement teachers who want to develop their art of creative and intelligent class sequencing
  • *experienced students who want to be better movers (in yoga, in Pilates, in life!)
  • *students with a desire to learn how to prevent injury and build resiliency

Some experience with Pilates and a basic knowledge of anatomy is recommended

Dates: Tuesday to Friday May 19-22, 2020
Time: 9-4pm
Cost: $840+hst (10% discount for mosaic members; 20% discount for yoga teachers)

Kathrin is a yoga and Pilates instructor with over a decade of teaching experience. She’s completed trainings in traditional, contemporary, restorative and rope wall yoga. She went on to certify in Pilates and mobility and strength training. She integrates these various modalities in her classes to create sequences that are intelligent, creative and targeted to improving movement on and off the mat.

Heather is a Registered Physiotherapist whose holistic approach to care encompasses injury prevention, recovery and rehabilitation, as well as overall wellness. She is a comprehensively trained Pilates Teacher (mixed equipment), and is also a certified 500+ hour Yoga Teacher, GUNN IMS and Medical Acupuncture Provider, and Thai massage practitioner. The power of smart movement never ceases to wow her.

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