Our Approach

Our teachers are kind, fun, talented, knowledgeable and just generally the kind of folks you want to spend time with. They love what they do and are committed to finding ways to share their passions in an accessible and clear way. We want you to be excited and feel safe to explore new things. Our job is to make sure you’re in a place where you can progress at your own pace and believe in your own capacity to be well, happy and into all that life has to offer. We’ll share what we know and we promise we’ll always be learning and growing as well.

Our Story

Mosaic exists to provide a place where we can grow and progress together. We offer diverse physical and spiritual practices in a community of easy-going, open and committed people. We see the value in each individual and we’re super excited to be a part of helping you uncover what you’re most passionate about.


Our drop-in offerings include yoga, pilates, barre, meditation, yoga nidra and more! Check out our schedule to find out what’s happening today!


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