Sound~Bath with Kiko Sounds – May 2019

Sound~Bath with Kiko Sounds Immerse yourself in a soothing bath of Kiko~sounds and experience an inner journey of deep listening, relaxation and self-healing. Sound Baths are a form of shared meditation. They are a practice of creating stillness in the... Read More

Barre Teacher Training – June 10-12, 2019

  Barre Teacher Training Led by Morgan Cowie Mosaic Barre draws from principles from classical ballet, dance conditioning, yoga, pilates, functional movement and strength training to create unique and effective movement practice which can be modified for all bodies. As... Read More

Yoga | Art Kid’s Camp – Summer 2019

Join Mosaic and Mud Makers Studio for Yoga | Art Kid’s Camp This camp is designed to empower your child’s creativity through themes of yogic philosophy. Each morning will start off with some messy-clay making art geared to the day’s theme... Read More

150-Hour Pilates TT with Lisa Messina

Become a versatile teacher who is able to adapt to what is present and relevant moment-to-moment. This training program is a safe, progressive, and holistic approach to classical and modern Pilates exercises designed for students, movement facilitators, and therapists. The... Read More
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