To be honest, Mosaic Barre is just a little sneaky…the movements are fun, the music is poppy and the jokes are great (mostly).

It’s such a good time that you almost could forget these Barre sequences are  drawn from years of studying the principles of classical ballet, dance conditioning, yoga, pilates, functional movement and strength training. 

We focus on building core strength and progressing intelligently towards more complex alignments. By the time you notice you’re moving like a ballerina, you also get down with the fact that it feels total natural and you are at home in your body. I mean, yeah, you’re sweaty and feeling that Jane Fonda kinda burn…but you’re doing it like you own the damn place.

Finally, as a teacher of the Mosaic Barre method, you will learn principles rather than memorizing sequences. We aren’t trying to create robotic recitation of specific scripts. We think you have your own light to shine on this and your body and movement background should have a chance to be integrated rather than shoved into a box that someone else made.

Every body can do barre – get rid of the image of a skinny young woman in a leotard and see yourself, your friends, your parents, your mail carrier – this is our world. Let’s sweat in it.

What You Will Learn:

  • Functional Anatomy as it pertains to Barre
  • Set-up, Technique and Cues for dozens of movements which systematically target full range of motion for each joint
  • Progressions and Regressions for strength and mobility
  • Skillful Use of Props
  • Counter-stretches and movements to ensure proper cool-down
  • Modifications for particular injuries or stages (i.e. pregnancy
  • How to Count and Teach to Music
  • Creating Effective Playlist
  • Intelligent Sequencing
  • Targeted Cueing 
  • How to Teach Online and Live

Why Mosaic Barre?

Cross-Modalities: We bring the best of many modalities together to create intelligent classes that build strength, flexibility and fill in gaps from other movement practices in a fun and non-judgmental way.

Inclusive: You don’t need to have professional dance training or previous experience. We believe that anyone can learn how to practice and teach well with commitment.

Full Range of Motion: Students get stronger and more flexible, rather than just getting end-range movements to look ‘ripped’. Our focus is on moving better and our classes are intelligent and result-focused.

Principles Not Memorization: We will empower you to teach, rather than give you a script to memorize. You will be uniquely qualified to find your own voice and path and will have the tools to become an in-demand instructor!

Date(s): October 2 – 4th, 2020

Time(s): Friday 6-9pm; Saturday & Sunday 10-5pm

$500 + HST For In Person – SOLD OUT
$400 + HST For Online – STILL A FEW SPOTS

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