Dates: Saturday, November 17th & Sunday, November 18th

Times: Sat & Sun 1pm – 7pm

12 Hour Core Immersion with Lisa Messina

This training is for teachers, keen practitioners, and anyone interested in expanding their knowledge about what it means to have a healthy core.

This weekend training includes:

Day 1:
Core Evolution: comparing views, education, and research on core-heath from various lenses including yoga, pilates, functional movement, and exercise science
Living Architecture: modern anatomy of the core from the inside out
Breath Effects: the respiratory system, the diaphragms, intra abdominal pressure (IAP), various core stabilization skills and their effects

Day 2:
Movement Literacy: embodied learning through dynamic and therapeutic movement practices relating to core-health, relaxation and activation
Body Language: observing bodies in stillness and in movement

Just Day 1- $125 plus HST
Day 1 & 2- $200 plus HST
Mosaic Members receive 10% discount

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