This advice column is an attempt to take ethical frameworks and energetic principles from traditions both Western and Eastern and apply them to real-life world situations. I am not a person of South-East Asian descent and come to this column knowing that it is only through the result of systematic oppression, white supremacy and colonization that I have access to the traditions of yoga. It’s bullshit that I’ve been afforded the privileges I have simply because of my whiteness.

My goal here is not to co-opt or to and continue white domination in this area. Ideally, this is a platform where what we do as individuals, in studios and conscious communities can be examined and we can start to move the dial from a physical practice with little resemblance to the original intentions of practice (which change dramatically from era to era but nonetheless are unified by the intention of transcending the illusion of separation and individual ego for union with the universe). Please jump in to dialogue on these issues! Write questions, add your comments. Our voices matter. Engage with genuine interest and let’s get this party started.

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