In this online and in-person workshop, through conversation, group and individual exercises we hold space for each other to explore how colonization may be present in our perceptions, communications and relations through the work of decolonization. We hold space for each other through deep listening and witnessing.

Decolonization is the process of attempting to understand the effects of colonization on an individual level. These effects may show up as blindess to systemic racism; rule of patriarchy; responsibilities as a settler on Indigenous land; and so many more. Though these issues may not be directly touched on, we go a little deeper and examine our own perspectives and the role we engage in to either subconsciously encourage or reject these systems of oppression that exist internally and externally. 

This workshop does not aim to teach you anything new about the external world, but asks you to turn the lens inwards and maybe learn something new about yourself. Decolonization in its most rudimentary level is sacred storytelling, a way for folx to get to know self a little better so we may walk in a good way with all those we are in relation with. 

Expect some prep work in the form of reflection or journal prompts to support your exploration in our time together. 

Tash (she, her) is a settler of tagalog descent on Turtle Island, more specifically on Tkaronto, what is currently called Toronto, Ontario. Tash understands herself as a compass who supports folx in their return back to self. She does this through movement, specifically yoga, pilates, barre, meditation and breathwork that centralizes witnessing of self over shapes and expectations. 

Her formal training includes 225-hour Hatha + Vinyasa training with Kim McBean, Taryn Diamond, Erin Wilbur of Union Yoga + Wellness, 50 Hour Barre with Morgan Cowie at Mosaic Yoga, 40+ hour Therapeutic and Chair Yoga with Kassandra Prus, Reiki level 1 + 2 with Clare Kenty, continuous Yoga Philosophy with Hali Schwartz. Currently acting as auditor to the 200-hour GoodBodyFeel Teacher training with Robin Lacambra, studying pranayam, restorative yoga and nidra with Taryn Diamond as well as Reaching in, Reaching out with New Leaf Foundation.

Date: Saturday, October 17th IN PERSON; Sunday, October 18th ONLINE
Time: 1:30-4:30pm
Cost: $45 plus HST for in-person, $30 plus HST via Zoom

Financial consideration will be given for any who need it, especially to those who identity as BIPOC and LGBTQ* or as belonging to another marginalized group. Please email to find out more.

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