This in-depth workshop will focus on the rich intersection between the Yoga Tradition and the current research on the Fundamentals of Human Movement. It will be an amazing opportunity to incorporate greater diversity, strength and a wider range of movements into the classical approach to yoga, and build a more sustainable and holistic practice for life.

We will focus on the twenty most important functional movements that every practitioner and teacher of yoga needs to know for building a strong, resilient and adaptable body. Learn how to master these essential movements and integrate them into yoga sequences in creative and useful ways.

Whether your focus is primarily on yoga or movement education, this essential training will build your tool kit and knowledge base to confidently design practices that reduce the risk of injury, expand your movement literacy, improve the quality of your life, and for teachers, the lives of your students.

What You will Learn:

  • A wider and more detailed map of holistic movement, building greater generalization and movement literacy into your practice;
  • A practical and researched based approach to functional anatomy, biomechanics and physiology;
  • The twenty most important Functional Movements everybody needs to know;
  • How to seamlessly integrate strength and mobility work into flowing yoga and movement sequences;
  • Sustainable strategies for healthy and dynamic aging;
  • Valuable assessment tools to gauge baseline data for your practice;
  • How to identify and fill in the gaps and blind spots in your movement practice that can cause nagging and persistent pains and injuries;
  • Safe progressions for functional, practical and fundamental human movements;
  • Sequences that build greater coordination, rhythm, skill and unconscious competence in the body;
  • Essential ways to decrease the risk of injury and build resilient structures;
  • The value of curiosity and play in learning

Suitable for all levels of yoga and movement, practitioners and educators alike.

Cost: $295 plus HST (10% discount for Mosaic Members)
Date: February 23-24, 2019 (10:00-6:00pm)

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As I continue to try to understand and navigate the human body and its complexity, Scott has been a guide and has helped me expand my knowledge base as well as helped me bring more awareness to my movements.
-Joey Votto, Cincinnati Reds 1st baseman

The way Scott explained the steps and pushed your limits made me feel both safe and challenged allowing me to try new things.
-New Years Renewal Retreat, participant

I loved it all! But I have to say that what I appreciated most was Scott’s teaching skills. Exploring is one thing but the way he broke down all the components and led us to our best result was mesmerizing.
-Movement Camp, participant



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