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Christopher Sowton

Registered Naturopath, specializing in dreamwork, homeopathy, and naturopathy

Availability: Tuesdays, Wednesdays

Appointment Options:


  • Naturopathic or homeopathic appointment
  • Dreamwork session for individuals
  • Dreamwork coaching session for practitioners


15 minute 'get to know me' session FREE

30 minutes $70

60 minutes: $140

90 minutes: $180

About Christopher:

I have a particular interest in helping my patients understand the patterns that hold them back from better health and a greater sense of fulfillment. These patterns are reflected in chronic symptoms, in repetitively stuck life situations, and (perhaps most dramatically) in the dream life. I also train and coach healthcare practitioners of many kinds to integrate dreamwork into their own practices. I have developed a dreamworking method which can be used by practitioners facilitating their clients, and by non-practitioners who are trying to get more out of their own personal dreams.

 Booking Information

Phone: 647 831 0701


Dr. Sarah Kim

Mind-Body Integrative Group Psychotherapy

About Dr. Kim:

Dr. Sarah Kim is a physician practicing Integrative Psychotherapy and Sports & Exercise Medicine.  She received her Doctor of Medicine degree from McMaster University in 2003. Her approach to psychotherapy is integrative and body-based, deriving from various practices, including somatic, sensorimotor, emotion-focused, narrative, Gestalt and mindfulness.  Dr. Kim is a certified yoga instructor, mindfulness meditation and movement educator. She has a movement practice in yoga, dance, circus and martial arts. Dr. Kim believes strongly in a holistic approach to health and strives to provide care with regard to the whole being in achieving a path to wellness.

Fee Structure:

Psychotherapy services are covered under OHIP or equivalent provincial health care plan for qualifying individuals.

Booking Information

Phone: 647 829 9062


Ramesh Devadoss

Registered Physiotherapist

Ramesh is a registered physiotherapist with the College of Physiotherapists of Ontario. He has 20 years of experience including his master’s degree in musculoskeletal conditions. He has experience in dealing with neck and back pain, overuse injuries, sports injuries and arthritis. He believes in thorough initial assessments to determine the cause of the problem and emphasis on educating and getting the individual to play an active role in managing their condition with exercise.