This one-of-a-kind 40-hour Teacher Training course focuses on the rich intersection between two powerful healing traditions: Restorative Yoga and Chinese Medicine.

Within each of these systems lies a deep canon of knowledge for enhancing health and improving quality of life. We will consolidate the essential information from each tradition to deliver an effective, deep and user-friendly practice. The integration combines the incredible effects of restorative yoga postures with the Theory of Energetic Meridians, Nature Connection, and Elemental Theory. The result is a dynamic and therapeutic system that will provide a life changing way to think about and improve your health.

What You will Learn:

  • Essential tools for self-healing and self-care;
  • The fundamentals of Restorative Yoga;
  • The essentials of Chinese Medicine, including 5 Phase and Element Theory, Meridian Theory and the Theory of Seasonal Attunement;
  • How to harness the healing power of nature and harmonize with the Elements and the Seasons;
  • The Physiological and Psychological basis of Restorative Yoga;
  • Detailed instructions on the set up, benefits, effects, indications and contraindications for over 25 essential restorative postures and their variations;
  • Seasonal Sequences that target specific organ systems and deepen your attunement with the cycles of nature;
  • Sequences for both specific effects (such as ailments or mood shifts) and more generalized accumulative effects;
  • Useful movement and mobility sequences that prepare the body for deeper rest;
  • Breathing and meditation techniques that enhance the effect of the restorative postures;
  • Practical teaching skills and effective communication for managing both larger group classes and private one-to-one sessions.

Dates: Friday, Sept 28-Sunday, Sept 30rd and Friday, Oct 5 – Sunday, Oct 7th, 2018
Times: Fridays, 5-9pm, Saturdays/Sundays 9:30-5:30pm
Cost: $680 plus HST (Mosaic Members receive 10% discount). Pay 50% to reserve your spot. Full payment required on first day of training.

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Scott has a wonderful balance of care and education – he has a very sensitive, supportive approach… a combination of care, humour, insight and experience.
-P.J., TCM patient

Scott is gentle, funny, and super-keen in a good way. His passion for health is very apparent, and is contagious… Having been to many acupuncturists, I have found Scott’s treatments to be unusually effective… It is always my experience that I feel immediate relief from symptoms such as headache & anxiety after a session with Scott. I leave with profound feelings of calm and comfort.
-L.S., TCM patient



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