Restorative Yoga with Traditional Chinese Medicine Teacher Training
With Scott Davis
This one-of-a-kind 40-hour Teacher Training course focuses on the rich intersection between two powerful healing traditions: Restorative Yoga and Chinese Medicine.

Within each of these systems lies a deep canon of knowledge for enhancing health and improving quality of life. We will consolidate the essential information from each tradition to deliver an effective, deep and user-friendly practice. The integration combines the incredible effects of restorative yoga postures with the Theory of Energetic Meridians, Nature Connection, and Elemental Theory. The result is a dynamic and therapeutic system that will provide a life changing way to think about and improve your health.

What You will Learn:
• Essential tools for self-healing and self-care
• The fundamentals of Restorative Yoga
• The essentials of Chinese Medicine, including 5 Phase and Element Theory, Meridian Theory and the Theory of Seasonal Attunement
• How to harness the healing power of nature and harmonize with the Elements and the Seasons.
• The Physiological and Psychological basis of Restorative Yoga
• Detailed instructions on the set up, benefits, effects, indications and contraindications for over 25 essential restorative postures and their variations
• Seasonal Sequences that target specific organ systems and deepen your attunement with the cycles of nature
• Sequences for both specific effects (such as ailments or mood shifts) and more generalized accumulative effects
• Useful movement and mobility sequences that prepare the body for deeper rest
• Breathing and meditation techniques that enhance the effect of the restorative postures
• Practical teaching skills and effective communication for managing both larger group classes and private one-to-one sessions.

Taught by Scott Davis, RYT, 500 and TCM doctor, with 20 years yoga teaching and TCM clinical experience.

Suitable for all levels of yoga and movement practitioners and educators

Eligible for Yoga Alliance continuing education credits.


Dates: Nov 8-10, Dec 13-15, 2019
Times: Fridays, 5-9pm, Saturdays/Sundays 9:30-5:30pm
Cost: $680 plus HST (Mosaic Members receive 10% discount)

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Testimonials from last year:

I would recommend this training to anyone! The restorative aspect of the course was fantastic, we learned so much about each pose and the reason behind them! Incorporating TCM into the training made it much more complete. I have taken several different restorative training courses in the past and the focus was primarily on the physical pose. This training has provided me with the tools to develop more relevant sequences with great purpose that will ultimately provide a great benefit to my clients. –Margarita Moore

Scott has a rare talent when it comes to teaching. His ability to tailor the content to match the diverse knowledge and experience of the group is remarkable and his passion is infectious to everyone in the group. I ended the course with a greater appreciation and understanding of restorative yoga and TCM and the curiosity to keep on learning. And the icing on the cake was the subtle shift I felt personally in the way I look and approach certain aspects of my life. These unofficial “teaching moments” have left quite the positive impression and I’m very grateful to have been connected with Scott and the participants. –Jennier Faraone

This is an amazing program, filled with tons of interesting information and led by the kindest and most knowledgeable person around. I am very grateful to Scott Davis for mending my relationship with Restorative Yoga. –Gregmar Newman

This is a one of a kind teacher training that beautifully weaves the two disciplines through an immersive experience of knowledge and hands on practice. Scott’s passion and unparalleled knowledge on the subject matters made the training exciting and engaging. Since completing the course, I have began to notice a deeper relaxation response in my students in teaching restorative yoga. As well, on a personal note I have also taken some of the TCM learnings and integrated in my own life and practice to help me along my path to living healthy and continual healing. –Mark Bezpieczny


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