Yoga Nidra Pop-Up Series
w/ Taryn Diamond

The fall and winter months are an ideal time for rest and introspection. Yoga Nidra is the perfect means for achieving both. In order to encourage a more regular practice, Taryn is offering two pop-up nidra classes in September and November. During nidra, our brainwaves slow down to the pace we experience when we are dreaming. It’s no wonder, then, that participants frequently fall asleep– our bodies aren’t used to being awake when the mind is this still! A regular nidra practice will enable you to enjoy the benefits of a calmer mind and to carry these blissful states into your waking life.

Join Taryn for a nidra session. These special 75min classes will happen on:

Friday September 21, 7:00pm
Friday November 16, 7:00pm

Cost: $30 (non-members)/$20 (members) per session

What is yoga nidra?
Part restorative yoga, part led-meditation, these nidra classes will start with gentle movement and end with participants resting in a comfortable savasana while being led progressively deeper toward relaxation. This is an accessible practice suitable for all levels. Pregnant ladies are welcome!

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