Yoga nidra is a mind-body relaxation practice that combines guided meditation with deep physical and mental rest.  In yoga nidra, the participants lie comfortably on the floor with their eyes closed while being guided by a teacher through body awareness and visualization.  By exploring the trance state between deep sleep and wakefulness yoga nidra can be used to reduce stress, improve mental health, and deepen spiritual consciousness.

Join Taryn in a progressive yoga nidra series that will enhance your capacity for meaningful rest and self-inquiry. Each week will involve a brief discussion around a theme (listed below), simple movement and a yoga nidra practice. 

Week one- the physical

Why do we need rest? How do we access it?

An introductory discussion on the nervous system and how our body requires and responds to rest.

Week two- the mental

How does our brain respond to yoga nidra? What are brain waves?

A quick dive into rudimentary neuroscience and how cool it can be to slow down the pace of our thoughts. 

Week three- the intentional

Some yoga nidra traditions prioritize intention setting, but why? How is intention setting effective?

We’ll learn a new word ‘sankalpa’ and how we can garner some control over the thoughts and beliefs we prescribe to.

Week four- the emotional

What is equanimity, anyway? How might one access it?

In our final week, we build up to exploring emotions through yoga nidra. Our skills as ‘observers’ will come in handy here as we tread lightly towards practicing equanimity.

This series is a great precursor to Taryn’s 20 Hour Yoga Nidra Teacher Training, taking place here over the weekend of January 2021.

Cost: $70 plus HST for all four; $20 plus HST for single sessions (virtual or live)
Dates: Tuesdays October 20th – November 10th, 2020
Time: 7:30-8:45pm 

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