Yoga Nidra + Sound Bath with Taryn Diamond and Kiko Sound
Join us for a speciality yoga nidra pop up class! Taryn and Kiko are teaming up to offer an atmospheric experience like none other. What do you get when you pair the relaxation of a yoga nidra practice with the soothing sounds of crystal bowls? The best savasana of your LIFE. Don’t believe us? Join us!

Date: Saturday, November 16
Time: 8:30-9:30pm
Price: $35 + HST
Member discount: $30 + HST

What are sound baths?

Sound baths are both an individual and shared meditative experience where listeners rest in a place of comfort and stillness and receive the sounds of instruments such as crystal singing bowls, gongs, drones, percussion and tuning forks and voice. The meditative sounds interact with the body and nervous system with gentle and focused intention creating an intuitive and unique soundscape that encourages a range of therapeutic results in the listener’s body. Sound baths are beneficial for all beings: from newcomers and those working with injury and illness, to experienced practitioners. Through hearing and feeling the harmonic vibrations of sound, the body is able to enter deeper states of rest that can help with relaxation, stress reduction, memory, creativity and intuition. Through opening and trusting to the waves of sound, each listener has the opportunity to travel within and experience their own unique inner orchestra harmonizing with the unique gifts of a live soundscape shared with other focused listeners.

What is yoga nidra?
Part-restorative yoga and part-meditation, yoga nidra has students resting in a comfortable savasana for time (20-30min) while being guided to progressively deeper levels of relaxation. A simple, guided meditation enables the mind to relax through visualizations, noting sensations and using your imagination.

This experience is suitable for all beings. The class will open with some gentle movement from seated or lying down. For the yoga nidra practice, participants will be reclined in a supported savasana (lying down.) No yoga, meditation, or sound bathing experience is necessary!

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