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Unique experiences of magical sets put together by incredibly talented musicians, performed in a beautiful, intimate space. Welcome to Art of Mosaic.

November 26th – Jake Feeney

Singer, Guitarist, Writer and Producer. Dreamy Blues Pop melts like a nostalgic dream. Jake Feeney’s “Pipe Dreams” released in 2020 and marked the singer-songwriter’s self-produced breakout album.

December 3rd – Highwood String Quartet w/ Andrew Park
The Highwood Quartet formed at the Glenn Gould School of Music in Toronto. The members Daniel Dastoor (vln), Hee-Soo Yoon (vln), Rebecca Miller (vla), and Paul van der Sloot (vc) present their formative repertoire of Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven in their debut performance. 
Like no concerts you’ve ever attended before, the Art of Mosaic series immerses you in intimate, powerful and soul-stirring evenings with incredible performers. The acoustics in the studio will drop you so deeply into the experience of sound, it’s like you are literally swimming in musical waves of creativity and beauty. During each unique performance, you will remember the power of music to inspire, unlock and make your heart sing.
Each week features a different set and different instrumentation. Each artist is free to create as they want to so expect juxtapositions of instruments, styles and pieces you will never see anywhere else. 

Friday Evenings

Time: 7:30-8:30pm. Feel free to arrive at 7pm to mingle. 

Cost: $20 + HST per person

What Else: You will be able to sit on either a chair or a bolster. We ask that all attendees provide proof of double vaccination. Masks will be optional. Space is limited.