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Covid Protocols for Mosaic Retreats and Workshops​

We love keeping you safe and want you to have the clearest expectations possible for retreats, workshops and teacher trainings.

If you have any questions about any of the following policies, please contact us at any time at

scenario one: you test positive before an event begins

For retreats, workshops and teacher trainings, full refund minus any non-refundable deposit and a $25 plus admin fee is available if cancelled 30 days prior to course start. A 50% refund minus a $25 plus admin fee is available if cancelled 14 days prior to course start. After that, no refunds are available as we make decisions about whether or not to run programs based on registration numbers. If you are able to find someone to replace you and take your spot, we will be able to provide a full refund minus deposit. 

Deposits for workshops, teacher trainings and retreats are non-refundable.

Ontario’s guidelines for timing of isolation and return to normal routines are here

scenario two: you test positive during an event

If you are positive and it is possible for you to isolate at home and not attend any other programming (e.g. during a teacher training at Mosaic), we will try to find a way for you to get the information from home (Zoom, catch up classes etc). There may be an additional cost associated with this option.

If isolating at home is not possible (e.g. an overseas retreat), you will be asked to isolate in place and to not attend any inside public gatherings including classes and shared dining. We will make the experience the best possible for you. We are creative and you are still a part of the community. When you are out of your room, we ask that you wear a mask in all inside and outside spaces.

We cannot provide any discounts or refunds in this scenario.

scenario three: you are sharing a room with someone who tests positive during an event

If you test negative and show no symptoms, we will move the person testing positive out of your room and you will be able to attend all regular programming.

We cannot provide any discounts or refunds in this scenario.

scenario four: you are on a retreat and someone tests positive

You may be asked to move rooms or carpool arrangements in order to provide the least amount of exposure for the least amount of people. You will always be able to choose – we respect your autonomy and you will not be forced into any situation that you are not comfortable with. 

Testing is recommended in this scenario and if any person is showing symptoms, they will be asked to test in order to be able to stay on in the public programming and dining times.

We cannot provide any discounts or refunds in this scenario.