Mosaic Survivor

Students buy a $25+HST ticket (10% off for members) to throw their hat in the ring to be the one Mosaic Survivor. Every day from May 1st onwards, we draw a name and that person will be eliminated UNLESS they have immunity. How do you get immunity? If you practiced in any drop in class that day (in person or Zoom), you will not be eliminated. Sadly, this only works once per person.

Got eliminated? You can buy back in ONCE for $12+HST (10% off for members)You can start with up to two entries per person. Each ticket counts as a separate entry. Buy your entry passes by April 30th to be eligible!The Final Mosaic Survivor gets a free month at Mosaic (includes unlimited access drop in classes at both locations).

Dates: Mosaic Survivor starts May 1st and runs until we get down to one lucky person.
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