200-Hour Mosaic Yoga Teacher Training

with Morgan Cowie and the Mosaic Team

Are you looking for a community where you feel welcome showing up just as you are? Or even more, are you looking for a way to feel at home in the world? And finally, do you want to live your life in a way that feels like it assists other beings to feel that same sense of belonging and ease?

The Mosaic Yoga 200-Hour Program brings together the art, tradition and technology of Yoga with a progressive take on what practice means for us today. We combine our enthusiasm and passion for the practice, ethics and philosophy of yoga with contemporary life and current models of understanding movement and inclusion. We know that this practice helps us feel and do better – in our bodies, in our spirits and in our communities because we’ve spent years practicing both on the mat and off of it.

This program is for you if you want:

  • A firm and clear handle on the basics of anatomy and movement. Why do our bodies work the way they do? How do the poses (or asana) of yoga ‘work’ on different muscle groups and why? What does a balanced practice look like? Can we go beyond the ways bodies look and understand functionality on a deeper level?
  • A deep dive into why the philosophy of yoga can help us to live happier lives. What are the parallels between yogic ontology (the science of Being) and contemporary neuroscience? How does the yogic view of emotions and mindfulness translate into modern psychological principles and how do we use these to continue evolving and letting go of ‘stuckness’ from the past?
  • An examination of ethics through the lens of anti-oppression and decolonization. How can we acknowledge and sit with the discomfort of a colonized practice if this practice was not a part of our culture of origin? How can we teach and practice yoga in a harm-reduction model?
  • The ability to create and teach intelligent, effective and creative sequences which are based on principles, not rigid rules. We want you to be you while still having a baseline set of guidelines to sequence from. How do you create classes that reflect your own personal values and practice that also serve the needs of the many individuals who attend? How can we use the practice of yoga to work against our inherited biases?
  • A deep understanding of classical meditation and breath techniques for your own personal practice and for your students. How are these practices applied to create balance in the emotions and nervous system? What is the benefit of slow medicine?
  • Progressions and regressions for poses and sequences. What does a beginner class look like? How about intermediate? How can you take the same skills you already have for a level one to other levels of classes?
  • Ways to adapt classes and poses to serve unique populations. How does the practice change for people who are pregnant or recently post-partum? What about as we age and for those who experience menopause? What about knee, hip and shoulder injuries
  • Introduction to other practice modalities. What is yin yoga and how does it differ from restorative? What is the difference between yoga nidra and meditation? What the heck is rope wall yoga anyway?
  • How to teach and practice yoga that is focused on wellbeing, compassion and inclusion for yourself and others. Our number one goal here is to help you feel at home in your body and the world. From there, you take that out into the world!

Time Commitment

Weekend Intensives
Oct 18-20: Friday 5-9, Sat/Sun 9-6pm

Nov 8-10: Friday 5-9, Sat/Sun 9-6pm

Dec 6-8: Friday 5-9, Sat/Sun 9-6pm

Jan 10-12: Friday 5-9, Sat/Sun 9-6pm

Feb 7-9: Friday 5-9, Sat/Sun 9-6pm

Mar 21-23: Friday 5-9, Sat/Sun 9-6pm

Thursday Nights 6-9pm
Oct 24 Anatomy (LECTURE ONLINE)

Nov 7 Ethics, Philosophy and Application (LECTURE ONLINE)

Nov 14 Anatomy (LECTURE ONLINE)

Nov 21 Ethics, Philosophy and Application (LECTURE ONLINE)

Nov 28 Anatomy (LECTURE ONLINE)

Dec 5 Ethics, Philosophy and Application (LECTURE ONLINE)

Nov 12 Anatomy (LECTURE ONLINE)

Dec 19 Ethics, Philosophy and Application (LECTURE ONLINE)

Jan 9 Anatomy (LECTURE ONLINE)

Jan 16 Ethics, Philosophy and Application (LECTURE ONLINE)

Jan 23 Anatomy (LECTURE ONLINE)

Jan 30 Ethics, Philosophy and Application (LECTURE ONLINE)








Thursday evening classes must be attended ‘live’ even if it’s an online lecture. Attendance is mandatory and viewing recording at later time won’t be enough.

Students are also expected to complete fifty classes at Mosaic during the duration of the course. These classes can be done in person or via Zoom (livestream).


Early Bird:

  • $3150 +HST Early Bird ($500+HST deposit due upon acceptance to secure place; $2650+HST paid before June 30th, 2024)


  • $3500 + HST ($500+HST deposit due upon acceptance to secure place; $3000+HST paid before October 18, 2024)


  • $500+HST due upon acceptance to secure place. $500+HST due on October 1st, November 1st, December 1st, January 1st, February 1st and March 1st.


  • $250+HST due upon acceptance to secure place. $250+HST due on October 1st, November 1st, December 1st, January 1st, February 1st and March 1st.

We have two scholarship spots of 50% off to offer racialized, LGBTQ+, folks living with physical and other barriers as well as other marginalized students on a case by case basis. Please message morgan@mosaicyoga.ca to start a conversation.


  • Unlimited drop-in classes at both Mosaic locations from October 1st, 2024 – March 31st, 2025;
  • Mosaic 200-Hour Teacher Training Manual (printed and digital);

What Else?

  • Attendance is required at 90% of the intensive weekend and Thursday evening hour in order to receive a certificate. We can’t set up make up hours – you really have to be there;
  • The $500+HST deposit is non-refundable but we can refund the rest of the tuition paid up to 30 days before the course start date.
  • The deposit is non-refundable and you will be responsible for the entire tuition even if you choose not to complete the entire course. This is true where you paid tuition in full or by instalments.
  • Please also set aside about $100+HST for textbooks as they are mandatory and not included in the tuition.

This course is consistent with the requirements of the Yoga Alliance.

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