Mosaic has a gorgeous, handcrafted infrared sauna at our Sterling location. This beauty is all yours to enjoy in a sweet little private room with a fluffy robe and towel – I mean, it’s pretty much just calling your name!
From the creators at SaunaRay:
“The goal of any sauna is to make you sweat. Your high temp sauna does this by super-heating the air so that when you breathe, it triggers your body’s autonomic nerve, which controls body temperature. This makes your blood pressure and heart rate increase to pump blood to your extremities to cool off your organs. The sweat is triggered as a cooling mechanism.
SaunaRay’s infrared saunas cause you to sweat without raising your core temperature. The gentle but powerful infrared heat warms your skin and triggers the sweat glands before your core body temperature rises. You go inside at 27-28C (82-84F) instead of 60-80C, like in the wood-fired sauna. You can breathe normally in the warm air as the temperature slowly rises. By the time it gets to about 40C (105F), you are usually soaked with sweat and ready to come out. This means your body temp remains normal, and there is no recovery period. You don’t feel tired or knocked out by the heat.” 
Single Session:  $25+HST  ($20+HST for Members)
4 Session Pack: $95+HST ($75+HST for Members)
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