In Person and Live Stream Classes

Sign up for a class in the schedule above or via the MindBody Online App at least ONE HOUR before the class begins.

As of June 1, 2024, all classes will require a minimum of 4 students to run. If a class is cancelled we will notify you TWO HOURS before the class is scheduled so you can make other plans.

If you are taking an IN STUDIO class, outside doors open ten minutes before class time. If you got a little overly ambitious or life happened and your plans changed, please cancel your reservation at least eight hours before the class time to avoid the late cancellation charge.

We strongly encourage our students and staff to choose the Zoom option if you are symptomatic with any illness.

If you are taking a live-stream class via Zoom, download Zoom to the device you will be streaming the class on. Make sure you can also receive your emails to this same device. You’ll receive a link 10-15 minutes before class begins. Hotmail, Yahoo, & Sympatico sometimes don’t like us right away…it’s not important, we just had a weird thing with exes in university but we can usually work it out.

Are you having trouble signing into your existing MindBody account?
It seems that MindBody is rolling out new Universal Accounts, which allow MindBody users the ability to use one login for ALL the businesses they attend, rather than having different accounts and logins for each studio. If you use the MindBody app then you already have this, and that’s why you can check out classes at different studios easily, and not just Mosaic.
For those of you with older accounts or who login with a browser, you may not have this Universal Account set up, and now your “Mosaic” login does not work.

How to solve this issue:
The first step is to create a NEW MindBody account, and then link your existing Mosaic account to it. All the steps are below and fairly straightforward. If it tells you an account already exists, you may already have one that just isn’t linked. Sign in and follow the steps to link them. (PLEASE USE CHROME if you can, as Firefox does not always work)
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