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Pre-Registered Classes at Mosaic

Prenatal Yoga - Six Week Series

Mondays Jan 16th - Feb 20th

Time: 715-815pm
Cost: $120+tx for Full Series; $22+tx for Single Drop In

Bring your pregnant body to the mat for 6 oh-so-strengthening weeks suited for any mama with or without yoga or pilates experience. With the perfect balance of relaxation and ease mixed in plus a bit of fun and sweat, we’ll lift pregnancy pain out of your back, hips and pelvis while learning how to safely strengthen and train your core to take strain off of your hardworking, and ever-changing body.

Each class will focus on a theme to help you prevent and manage common pregnancy aches and pains while also creating balance in our body to promote a smoother, more confident birth.

Class One: Your Breath + Core Connection, tap into your breath, a powerful tool for both grounding and calming your nervous system and an essential part of your core function

Class Two: Core Training in Pregnancy, learn how to minimize strain to your abdominal and pelvic floor muscles and reduce the effects of Diastasis Recti and pelvic floor symptoms.

Class Three: Upper Body Release, tend to sore, stiff upper body muscles while creating space for baby and promoting better breathing and core function.

Class Four: Lower Body Love, ease tension and strain in your lower body (back, hips, legs, feet and pelvic floor) that pulls your body out of alignment and contributes to pain and discomfort.

Class Five: Building Upper Body Support, wake up core and postural muscles that help you feel more supported and assist in optimal fetal positioning, setting you up for a smoother, easier birth.

Class Six: Embodiment, practice cultivating calm and building trust in your body through restorative poses, breathwork and grounding techniques.