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Upcoming Workshops and Trainings

Handbalancing with Taranee


In a world on the constant go, handbalancing has the power to bring you back to the present moment. The art of handbalancing is one that lends itself to patience, consistency, and belief.

Handbalancing is more than just balancing on your hands. It’s a practice that builds mental resiliency and fortitude. As you move through this process of learning and applying the subtle intricacies of handbalancing, you change and evolve along the way.

There is a beautiful uncovering and conquering that happens when we decide to do that hard thing that feels impossible. We get to know ourselves on a deeper level. We come face to face with our fears, our desires, our edges, and ultimately push these limits that much further to discover what we are capable of when we tell ourselves “I can.”

So.. interested in learning how to balance on your hands?

In this 2-hour workshop you can expect to learn:

  • the important anatomical pieces to help you further understand the biomechanics of the handstand
  • ways to prep your body for your practice
  • various inversion drills and different bail-out techniques
  • different brain hacks and mindset tools to help create a strong, well-rounded approach to your handstand practice

Join us on Saturday, March 4th from 1pm-3pm for a session of inversions, exploration, and fun. Let’s learn, fall, laugh, grow, and support one another as we discover new perspectives upside down!”

Date: Saturday, March 4th
Time: 1-3pm
Cost: $50 + tax (10% Discount for Mosaic Members)

We offer subsidized spots to racialized, LGBTQ+, folks living with physical and other barriers as well as other marginalized students on a case by case basis. Please message morgan@mosaicyoga.ca to start a conversation.  

20-Hour Advancing Your Teaching with Morgan Cowie, Taranee Ponjani and Philippe Van De Maele Martin

STERLING – March 2023

Whether you’ve been teaching for one or fifteen years, you might have found that despite all the incredible rewards we encounter as professional yoga teachers, it can be, well, lonely. We all have moments of self-doubt, imposter syndrome and isolation because when we’re standing at the front of the room, we are kind of on our own.

We can find lots of trainings for specialty skillsets and modalities but it’s hard to just find a course that is affordable, valuable and geared simply towards advancing our skills at teaching basic and intermediate drop-in classes.

Morgan Cowie, Taranee Ponjani and Philippe Van de Maele Martin have created a weekend training experience where you will be surrounded by fellow yoga teacher professionals all working towards clarifying their unique signal, finding effective and innovative ways to teach more complicated sequences and poses and discussing big issues within the profession, like cultural appropriation, power and consent.This weekend will leave you better able to understand the gifts that you bring as a teacher, able to deal with the shadows of imposter syndrome and doubt. You will have tried and tested methods of helping students (and yourself) to safely and effectively move towards complex poses like handstand, splits and bigger backbends. And finally, you will have a safe and caring space to work with some of big ethical challenges we face as teachers.

What You Will Be Offered:

  • Theory and Structure of Successful Classes;
  • Strategies to Uncover And Believe In Your Voice;
  • Dealing With Imposter Syndrome;
  • Working with Cultural Appropriation and Decolonization;
  • How to Practice and Teach: Advanced Arm Balancing and Inversions;
  • How to Practice and Teach: Backbends and Splits;
  • Sequencing Skills: Integration of Body and Concept, Layering and Transferring Skills, Class Structure, and Themes;
  • Adjustments and Consent in a Post-Covid World;
  • Working with Feedback from Students and Studios.

TIME: Friday 6-9, Saturday and Sunday 9-6pm

COSTS: $450 +HST 

We offer subsidized spots to racialized, LGBTQ+, folks living with physical and other barriers as well as other marginalized students on a case by case basis. Please message morgan@mosaicyoga.ca to start a conversation.


25-Hour Barre and Bosu Teacher Training with Morgan Cowie and Lindsay Kinzinger

STERLING – Friday, February 3rd – Sunday, February 5th 

Calling all yoga, pilates and dance teachers looking to create incredible Barre and Bosu classes that are intelligently sequenced, designed for joy and guaranteed to have students packing your classes. Movement classes like Barre and Bosu are increasingly in-demand at yoga and pilates studios as an adjunct style to prevent repetitive injury and strain, increase cardiovascular health and build strength and endurance. 

Morgan and Lindsay have a combined total of more than twenty-five years of teaching and they draw from their knowledge of yoga, pilates, dance, biomechanics and physiology to create smart, fun and unique classes. They are joining forces to offer this one-of-a-kind training at Mosaic Yoga in downtown Toronto where you will be certified not only to teach Barre but also to teach Bosu classes

In this 25-Hour training, you will be offered:

  • Templates and sequences for forty-five and sixty minute Barre and Bosu classes;
  • Techniques to engage the core sequentially to create stability, reduce pain and increase mobility;
  • Ballet foot and arm positions and explanations as well as modifications for all levels and bodies;
  • Methods to increase and decrease challenge quickly and easily;
  • Practice and training on how to quickly learn how to teach to music;
  • Dozens of specific exercises for core, arm, shoulder, leg, glute and ankle;
  • Fundamental anatomy for core, arm, shoulder, leg, glute and ankle;
  • Instructions on how to add other equipment like weights, bands and more to amplify impact;
  • Simple choreo techniques for fun and easy to learn cardio sequences;
  • Strategies to make your classes more inclusive, non-threatening and anti-oppressive.

Time: 9-6pm each Day

Cost: $500 + HST 

We offer subsidized spots to racialized, LGBTQ+, folks living with physical and other barriers as well as other marginalized students on a case by case basis. Please message morgan@mosaicyoga.ca to start a conversation.