Nidra for Inner Peace – Dec 15th

Yoga gives us the tools to both charge and soothe our systems. In this special class, we indulge in the latter. Yoga is a practice to remind us we already are that which we wish to be: we are peace; we are calm; we are perfect, just as we are. Let’s come together and remember.

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Roll & Restore: Pre & Post Natal Release – Dec 18th

Rest easy, folks! This is your time to sink into a therapeutic, satisfying class that will gently melt tension and stress away soothing self massage techniques and restorative yoga poses, with modifications for all stages of pregnancy and postpartum.

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New Year’s Day Workshop – Jan 1

Ring in the New Year with Philippe on Monday, January 1st, with an Intention-Setting Flow, Restore & Meditate experience Guided by prompts and a conversation, participants will create their own unique Mantra/Phrase based on the year that was, the moment that is and their vision for the year to come.

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Handbalancing Workshop – Jan 13th

In a world on the constant go, handbalancing has the power to bring you back to the present moment. The art of handbalancing is one that lends itself to patience, consistency, and belief. Handbalancing is more than just balancing on your hands. It's a practice that builds mental resiliency and fortitude. As you move through this process of learning and applying the subtle intricacies of handbalancing, you change and evolve along the way.

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Introduction to Pilates – Jan 27th

Movement education is a life long practice and there is always something new to learn -  whether you are a beginner or an experienced movement professional.  In this workshop led by Barbara Johnston, a professional musician/singer, choreographer and movement educator, you will dive into the basic aspects of classical pilates alignment/choreography as well as elements from a variety of movement and dance modalities.

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Introduction to Yoga – Feb 3rd

Join Philippe in this two-hour deep-dive into Foundational Yoga Asanas. In this workshop, you will explore the “greatest hits” of Yoga Poses with the goal of greater understanding, safety, growth and enjoyment. Participants will leave invigorated with new tools they can immediately apply to their yoga practice!

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