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20-Hour Yoga Nidra Teacher Training – Feb 2024

Yoga boasts a wealth of subtle practices, the kind that surprise one with their efficacy and simplicity. This training invites participants into a relationship with one of yoga’s subtle gems: Yoga Nidra. Walk away with both the confidence and excitement to offer this practice to yourself, your family or your students. This program is about more than becoming a nidra teacher, this is about equipping you with the know-how to rest and relieve stress. Yoga nidra is an effective tool for new parents, caregivers, seasoned students and instructors alike. This program is one-of-a-kind and barrier-free: all bodies, all levels of experience (including none!) are welcomed.

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20-Hour Rope Wall Teacher Training – April 2024

Releasing, stabilizing, strengthening — a comprehensive introduction to rope-wall yoga in two weekends. Rami’s popular rope-wall classes are playful, liberating, and therapeutic. The rope-wall system provides resistance and support, and these classes are structured to provide deep and luxurious traction. The practice supports stability, strength and flexibility at the core, and is beneficial and accessible for most students. 

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40-Hour Mat Pilates Teacher Training – May 2024

Are you a movement teacher who is looking to add Pilates to your skillset? Looking for something more progressive and adaptive than classical Pilates or another set sequence? The 40-Hour Mat Pilates Teacher Training for Movement Professionals Program brings together the art and tradition of mat pilates with a progressive take on how to adapt for all bodies and skill levels. Morgan believes in creating intelligent, accessible, fun and challenging practices. 

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20-Hour Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training – June 2024

This 20 hour training is for yoga teachers and movement professionals looking to deepen their knowledge of the physiological and psychological changes that occur during pregnancy. You’ll learn how to implement an evidence based and therapeutic approach to movement to support pregnant people through one of life’s biggest transitions.

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