Teacher Trainings at Mosaic

Yoga Nidra Teacher Training

with Taryn Diamond

Yoga Nidra is a unique methodology based on the ancient anatomy of the koshas. Often described as a prolonged savasana, this meditation modality involves deep bodily rest and the opportunity to reset negative thought patterns in the brain. Participants of this program will walk away with the tools to lead a yoga nidra practice that both honours its roots, and has relevance for our current lives. This program is about more than becoming a yoga nidra teacher, this is about equipping you with the know-how to rest and relieve stress. Yoga Nidra is an effective tool for new parents, caregivers, seasoned students and instructors alike. This program welcomes all bodies and all levels of experience (including none!)

More specifically, the program will:

  • ground the modality of yoga nidra within the larger context of yoga philosophy;
  • explore the history of yoga nidra, including the main lineages of the practice and scriptural references to ‘nidra’;
  • discuss the science behind the practice, including the nervous system response, neuroplasticity, and what happens to your brain when you practice;
  • train you in teaching the art of yoga nidra, including leading in-person and online classes, best practices and script preparation;
  • empower participants with stress-reduction tools including simple breath work and gentle movement;
  • equip participants with the tools to walk away and teach a yoga nidra practice, and to enhance their asana classes with yoga nidra and gentle movement practices.

“I signed up for Taryn’s Yoga Nidra Teacher Training expecting to walk out with a practice to share with my students, but I left with much more. Blending philosophy, hands on learning and immersive exercises, I was thoroughly inspired by Taryn and the nidra practices explored. I’ve been able to apply the lessons in my classes, adding new dimensions to my current teaching offerings. Thanks so much Taryn!”

In addition to scheduled weekday attendance, program requirements include:

  • Practicing yoga nidra with 2 instructors other than myself (either online or in person)
  • Practicing yoga nidra at home with a provided recording
  • Writing a sample script portion
  • Completing a take-home exam
  • And recording a script portion.

Time(s): Friday 6-8pm, Saturday and Sunday 9am-6pm (60 min lunch break)
Cost: $450 plus HST