The Anti-Oppressive Wellness Workshop (AOWW) explores how movement facilitators can integrate Anti-Racist & Anti-Oppressive practices into their wellness offerings. This interactive workshop covers foundational concepts of anti-oppressive practice including accessibility, power and intersectionality.

Anti-Oppressive Wellness Workshop​ – April 13 Read More »

Spring is a time of great expansion and opening in the natural world, where energetically there’s a movement of potential going upwards and outwards. In this workshop we’ll explore essential therapeutic practices from taoist energy cultivation, restorative and yin yoga that clear the stagnant energy from winter, release tension and help us to be more aligned with a free and easy seasonal shift into Spring.

Spring Awakening – April 12 Read More »

Acro Yoga is a social and physical practice that combines yoga posture and acrobatics. Involving at least two subjects and using the mechanics of stacking joints, one person acts as a base, while the other person lifts up in the air. A third subject may act as a spotter to ensure proper alignment and safety. Acro Yoga requires an open mind and building a practice of trust.

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A moment to pause and rest, this special 90 minute class combines the stillness of Yin and Restorative yoga with the power of Reiki. Students will be guided through a practice with Yaïza, diving deeper into the physical body, while receiving Reiki from Lauren, allowing for energy realignments and recalibration.

Reiki, Reset, & Restore – March 2 Read More »

Yoga boasts a wealth of subtle practices, the kind that surprise one with their efficacy and simplicity. This training invites participants into a relationship with one of yoga’s subtle gems: Yoga Nidra. Walk away with both the confidence and excitement to offer this practice to yourself, your family or your students. This program is about more than becoming a nidra teacher, this is about equipping you with the know-how to rest and relieve stress. Yoga nidra is an effective tool for new parents, caregivers, seasoned students and instructors alike. This program is one-of-a-kind and barrier-free: all bodies, all levels of experience (including none!) are welcomed.

20-Hour Yoga Nidra Teacher Training – Feb 2025 Read More »

Are you looking for a community where you feel welcome showing up just as you are? Or even more, are you looking for a way to feel at home in the world? And finally, do you want to live your life in a way that feels like it assists other beings to feel that same sense of belonging and ease?

200-Hour Mosaic Yoga Teacher Training – Oct 2024 Read More »

This 20 hour training is for yoga teachers and movement professionals looking to deepen their knowledge of the physiological and psychological changes that occur during pregnancy. You’ll learn how to implement an evidence based and therapeutic approach to movement to support pregnant people through one of life’s biggest transitions.

20-Hour Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training – June 2024 Read More »

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